Epic war 3 guide

Epic war 3 guide

Epic War is probably the most repititve game on Kongregate. Actually it took me about 2 days to get all the badges. The game itself is very repetitive, with mass spawns on demons, golems, and dragons.

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Its a game that is more of considered as endurance, because it takes so long to just do that. However, here is my step to step guide on how to get all the badges in Epic War easily without any trouble.

Follow my steps and you will get the game down within less than a day. The three most important circles skills to begin with are the arrows.

Do not even upgrade hobbits, elves, and dwarves, no matter how many EXP points you have.

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Your main arrows starts out pretty lame, so from Battle Field 1 -3, I would advise you to spend all your EXP points on your main arrows. If you have a lot of leftovers, I would recommend you to upgrade fire or ice or lighting arrows.

Here on the below is a list of what happens when you upgrade what and what. Not much of a difference. This is just okay price, you can probably afford it after 2 Battle Fields. The Fire Arrow will have increased damage, and Ice will not stun or freeze. A good reliable source, and with the increased damage, it will be worth it. Fire arrows with increase damage, Ice will be able to freeze for half a second, lightning with more damage and stun for less than a second.

Shoots three arrows at once, and can pretty much take down any unit that the castle throws out except for the End Ender, the big badass boss. It takes a long time to get this because the price is kinda high.

Kinda annoying too. Exploding fire arrows that send baddies into the air, lightning stunsmany at once for a 3 sec, Ice same as lightining. Hobbits are good in numbers, but most enemy units take it out with one hit. These units are bad even in individuals and groups. They have lower health than hobbits, and they have better damage. This unit is good and bad at the same time. Having this one Levl 1 dragon will get you through most Battle Fields.

A reliable source of your troops, and its worth the EXP.

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Spend your hard earned kreds on some of these games! Hide the progress bar forever? Yes No. Play Epic War 3 on Kongregate to unlock exclusive heroes and earn on-site achievements!

Epic War 2 Epic War is back, and more epic than ever before! Now with all new artwork, dozens of new units across 3 playable races, dynamic music, a whole new upgrade system, and 3 huge boss battles!

Epic War Construct a massive army of Middle Earth-inspired units, build up your base defenses, and take control of your trusty crossbow to fend off an onslaught of enemy orcs, goblins and dragons.

My advice is to do your entire first run as the Red hero, and finish with the Green. The succubus is a powerful range unit, the dragon is a great tank, and the magic cannon owns face. For more in-depth strategy, watch the video! I would recommend doing all of the cave of trial levels as the Green or Light Blue generals. These guys, when fully leveled, give you the highest max mana to play with, so you can use the best cards together. I would recommending being on at least your 4th playthrough of the game, so that you have enough cards leveled high enough to destroy titan units and large anger waves.

You should have all monsters at level 5, and most of your spells at level 5 rest at 4, if not all at 5. This should work for the 1st 4 CoT levels. You want to be a bit more cautious in this than the previous 4. Keep the same 5 ranged units, but replace your tanks with goblins and dwarven engineers.

epic war 3 guide

You want fast units, not tanks. Think hobbit spam strategy from previous Epic Wars. The units thrown at you are small time, and are basically fodder. Get more out of your Kongregate experience. Take advantage of ad-free gaming, cool profile skins, automatic beta access, and private chat with Kong Plus.Download Links Download the. How to download from Google Drive Click the download icon at the top right corner to start the download.

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version. Epic War 3 — Title Menu Bunch of fully armored males. Sex sells. How come there are no partial armored females? Epic War 3 — Character Select!

epic war 3 guide

Only a bunch of male warriors to choose from. Should have more females characters! Epic War 3 — World Map! Game play is none linear now. Movement in the world map is turn based. Attack a region and attempt to capture it then end your turn. Then others will attack your regions and you must defend the attack. Failure means losing your region to enemy control. Epic War 3 — Action! Units are more detailed now and better animated, with more blood and gore too!

Epic War 3 — Cards! Upgrade the unit and skill cards so you have better units and skills while in battle. Epic War 3 — Status! Numbers, one of the most important factors in making players happy in nowadays games. Not every fan welcomed the changes happily though.

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What do you think about the new game play? Instructions Unpack the.Epic War 3: War of Heroes is a tactical warfare game that revolves around summoning creatures to destroy the opponent's castle before computer opponent can destroy your castle. It is the sequel to Epic War 2. The game revolves around summoning creatures and using skills to defeat your opponent's creatures.

Creatures and spells are represented by cards. You can equip up to 6 creature cards and 6 skill cards. There are 16 levels or castles to own in the game. At the start of the game, the player owns three castles. Each turn, the player may choose one castle to attack. After the player's turn, each of the computer opponents gets a turn.

epic war 3 guide

Beating levels reward you with experience points for your hero and gold to spend on upgrades. Leveling up your hero may unlock more cards. Every creature and spell card may be upgraded by spending gold. When you start a new game, there are 6 different heroes you can choose from. The choice of hero affects your starter cards. All heroes start with 2 creature cards and 1 spell card.

Each card can be upgraded up to level 5. Upgrading spell cards improve their Power and Charge Time. You can have 6 creature types and 6 spells equipped, depending on your mana.

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Your equipped units will automatically be summoned into battle unless you have reached the population limit for that creature type. You can click on their portraits on the top of the screen to order all units of that type to a specific spot. You have one hero unit. If he is killed, he will respawn after a few minutes. Each of your spell cards has a recharge timer determining how often you can use the spell. The object of the battle is to reach your opponent's castle and destroy it.

There are 30 achievements in the game. Each achievement correspond to an unlocked creature or spell.The game is incredibly challenging, so I have decided to create a small tips and tricks feature to help those who keep getting their arse kicked in the game.

I am aware that many other tactics could be applied in Epic War 3this is just my way of playing — and I did win after a long time. Check out the Epic War 3 tips and tricks below:. I suggest you start the game with Rembrant the Bloody, since he has a really nice and powerful starting deck. It would be wise to eliminate players one by one. Start with the one to the right, then continue to the left.

Remember to always upgrade your cards! It would be good to have a strategy, since prices will get very high. I would recommend upgrading the green creatures first, since they are fast and only take a few seconds to be generated. Improving the meteor next is your priority, then continue to upgrade the green creatures alongside the archers. Once you have them to level 3, they should posses enough power until the later stages of the game.

Always protect your archers! They are your most powerful weapon! Use the skill cards as soon as possible. Try aiming at the enemies that wait outside the castle — in Epic War 3, the AI tends to stack up the most powerful forces there, but if you hit them, they will charge.

It would be best if you played all the battles yourself, the computer might lose some for you. The most dangerous, in my opinion, enemy troops, are the purple spell casters those who send waves of fire at you.

They usually keep their distance, and you can only kill them with the skill cards. Make sure you do so as soon as they appear, otherwise they might cost you the battle. I have also noticed that sometimes they tend to remain hidden if your forces are already charging the enemy castle, so it would be wise to retreat a bit archers first! Save often, preferably after each fight.

In the later stages of the game, it will be very time consuming to end a battle. Do not charge as soon as the battle starts! Wait for some seconds to get your first basic troops goblins and zombies and send then close to the end of the first screen.

Use the skill cards until you have more troops, arrange them accordingly archers in the back, hero in between to hit and run, melee in front and charge as fast as possible. After the AI sends its first wave, it will last a while until they will come back again.

Epic War 3

Make sure to always click on the units and order them where to go. Instead, it will stay in front of the castle. But you will always need them at the other end, so keep clicking and ordering them to move where they should be.You can read more on how to do this in our How To Open a bet365 Account article.

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